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8 Best Practices for Using VoIP over a WiFi Connection

1. Redundancy If you use your current Wi-Fi network for VoIP, this means more traffic. You can manage more devices over a longer period of time […]

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Why Scalability Matters

Scalability and Small Business All businesses need to be scalable on one or more levels in order to hold onto and build market share. Even so, […]

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Working Programmer. Programmer Showing Code Issue on the Screen.

Do you have more to lose in a data breach?

Hacks & data breaches are not dangers exclusive to large enterprises. In fact, SMEs often have more to lose than large enterprises. As an SME you […]

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What is Ransomware and How to Avoid It

The Facts During a month up to 68,000 computers can be infected: the equivalent of 5,700 every day Ransomware typically charges between $100 to $400 to […]

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