With the widespread adoption of web-enabled computing devices (laptops, smartphones, gaming systems, televisions, etc.), a website is an integral part of an organization’s marketing strategy. Compared to other forms of advertising and communication, they are a relatively inexpensive and easily attainable investment.

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Getting Started The Starter Package is for companies who want to enhance their business by establishing a web presence. We use proven tools and templates to create a website that delivers value at a minimal cost.

Beyond the Basics For companies looking to add power to a current site – or for companies looking for that extra power out of the gate – this package provides branded templates, additional content and functionality.

Expanded Functionality Push past the average web presence with unique looks, advanced usability and increased functionality. This option gives you the custom content you need to place you ahead of the competition.

Advanced Services We offer the advanced tools and services to further improve your web performance, usability and customer service.


Just as the Internet provides open communicate, an Intranets limits communication within a private computer network. This enables companies to share information and data within the organization. Intranets are primarily used for collaborative tools and applications, including corporate directories, sales/customer relationship management tools, project management tools etc. Properly used, an Intranet can greatly increase communications, productivity, and even morale - while reducing costs. Interweave Technologies is experienced in the setup, configuration, customization and management of intranet software. Let us help your organization realize the benefits of Intranet communications.

Web Applications

Web Applications are programs and applications that are accessed over an intranet or the internet. Other than a web browser, they require no installation of programs on the user’s computer and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, they can provide significant cost savings for many of a company's operations. Interweave Technologies can assist you in the selection and implementation use a wide range of web applications. From web-based email to custom-built applications, we can assist you in finding the right tools to increase your reach and productivity.

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