Building a Successful
Medical Practice from the Ground up

When a physician injures their hand, it can be the end of a dream. Or it can lead to a new one…

After serving the Guntersville community for 14 years, Dr. Mary Holley left medicine due to a serious injury to her hand. But time – and therapy – heals many things, so after a seven year absence, Dr. Holley is pleased to reopen her gynecology practice, a practice with an elegance and beauty that conceals an efficient, high-tech foundation. From data cabling to surveillance, Electronic Medical Records to VoIP phones, Interweave Technologies has partnered with Dr. Holley to bring top-of-the-line healthcare with a down-home feel.

  • Prognosis EMR
  • Website/Mobile Website
  • Star2Star VoIP Phones
  • Hardware / Network
  • Business Software
  • ESET Antivirus/Security
  • Cabling Infrastructure
  • Surveillance

Finding the Right EMR Solution with SUPPORT

With countless Electronic Medical Record (EMR) options available, it is important to find the one that best “fits” your requirements. For Dr. Holley, that solution was Prognosis – which she considered “top of the line” due to its extensive capabilities. And according to Dr. Holley, as valuable as the computers is the ongoing support and relationship with Interweave. “One email generally solves the problem,” states Dr. Holley, “a follow-up call at the very most – and the problem gets solved. I can communicate with everybody at Interweave; how can you measure that?”

Is it Really Free?

If you are like most, you get bombarded with ads for “Free EMR.” But as Dr. Holley says, “Nothing is free and if it was I wouldn’t want it. With a system there is always going to be the need for support. ” These “Free” systems always cost – usually for support, maintenance, etc. And what you save on the front end, you pay for on the back end. With Prognosis, Dr. Holley gained an EMR solution with a local partner for quality support.

”To do it right you need to make the investment,” says Dr. Holley. “I decided that if I was starting new, I wanted to go with something that would last. And since a well-done IT system should replace at least one person, possibly two, I will get my investment back time and time again“. Primarily because of the people she did not need to hire, employ, or provide workspace for. And, there is no need to house medical records – another huge savings in space and efficiency.

An Investment that Pays Off

In addition to her EMR solution, Dr Holley is realizing many other benefits of technology including her Star2Star VoIP phone system which provides superior communications – and totally replaced the answering service (more cost savings!). And did we mention her website which features a patient portal (her patients love it!)?

The work is not done – in fact there is a lot to learn, a lot to accomplish. But as Dr. Holley states, “it has definitely been an adventure, but it’s turned out to be better than I thought.” And that is just the beginning.