In the brink of an emergency if you were asked for medical history and transcripts for a spouse or loved one, would you be able to provide that information immediately? Would you have the proper documentation and records from physicians? Would you know why they’re on the prescribed medication? If you answered “NO” to any of these questions then our client MIMI Medical can be the answer!

fam2MIMI Medical was created by Julie Slaton in a situation described above. Mrs. Slaton was asked those very questions in the brink of a family emergency and when she could not answer those questions a light bulb clicked and MIMI Medical was created. Defined as a personal medical records software company, MIMI Medical began as a generic excel spreadsheet with documentation and medical history being complied by Mrs. Slaton for her mother.

After getting noticed by Crestwood and Huntsville Hospital, Mrs. Slaton sat down with a team of medical professionals to determine how she would properly arrange her new found idea in a way for physicians to readily identify and gather vital information, such as allergies, chronic conditions, current conditions, etc. for clientele. After such essential information, Mrs. Slaton revised her creation and MIMI began to grow so large that Mrs. Slaton could no longer handle distribution of her product. So she hired a company to develop the program and three and half years later on March 12th 2012 MIMI Medical was ordained its own consumer software company.

Now that MIMI Medical is well on its way establishing itself as a national and international medical necessity to handle health history and prescription information for all ages, Mrs. Slaton sought out to improve and enhance her company website. She received a recommendation for Interweave Technologies from a counterpart who has previously worked with the company and he suggested that Interweave Technologies would be the proper solution for what she had in mind. After receiving contact information, Mrs. Slaton set a meeting with our team of professionals to reconstruct her website and after a plan was put into motion she was very pleased with the results and stress free process.

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Mrs. Slaton had this to say about Interweave Technologies,
“Interweave Technologies has made me feel very fortunate and being able to work with them has left me worry free! Working closely with their team of professionals putting together the different pages, the site map, how the website flowed and the overall appearance of the site has gotten me A LOT of compliments. Also, how professional it is, easy to navigate and receive information…I highly recommend Interweave Technologies for anyone who is looking to either build a product or website.”

Mrs. Slaton’s MIMI Medical has had increasing S.E.M results of about 900%, which is an excellent escalation of advertised based traffic to her site. Our goal is to utilize S.E.M to promote relevant traffic and therefore enlarge her business and revenue for her company!

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