Huntsville Housing Authority:
Effective Communication through Technology

Imagine you are in your office and need to make a quick phone call. When you pick up your phone, to your surprise there is no dial tone. What do you do? Who can you call? What is the issue? Is it the equipment? This was the reoccurring nightmare that Angela Duncan had to endure before their new VoIP phone system was installed by Interweave Technologies.

Meet Angela Duncan, the procurement officer for Huntsville Housing Authority. She has been with the agency for over seventeen years and manages purchasing and contracts for the company. She was first introduced to Interweave Technologies under its  former name Varsity Computing and over the years has built a long-lasting business relationship with the company.

Angela was concerned and unhappy with their current phone system and sought to find a system that would be more dependable and provide better customer service. Angela says, “At times my telephone simply would not work. We have ten different locations and  we were having so many problems with our phone provider, including the equipment and (especially) customer service. We wanted to be able to call one person if we had a phone problem.”

Just as with earlier projects such as data backup and disaster recovery, Angela once again reached out to Interweave Technologies. In order to generate an overall idea of exactly what the agency required, Interweave set up a project overview to determine locations and approximately how many devices, services, and functions (i.e., automated attendants) would be needed. Angela states, “While working with Interweave they sought out to understand how we could have the best of both worlds – good equipment and great customer service. Interweave worked very diligently with us on fixing any issues we had with the system.”

Once the project and the transition was underway Angela had this to say about Interweave, “Ravi and Joni were determined to make us happy! They came in on weekends, never complained and were there. In fact they were here until one o’clock in the morning, determined to make it as easy a transition as possible, with minimal interruption of day to day activities, and we appreciate that!”  Today, Huntsville Housing is enjoying the benefits of the phone system implemented by Interweave Technologies.

Project Achievements

  • A reliable, quality system
  • Reduced phone and
  • maintenance costs
  • Value through new features
  • Replaced outdated equipment

Whether your company is looking to expand your current phone system or upgrade to newer technology, let Interweave Technologies assist you in finding the right system. Their professionals will design, implement and support the best solution for your business, balancing performance and reliability while keeping your budget in mind.

“The phones work great! I have no complaints. Interweave had a great staff to work with. Ravi has been a Godsend to us, Anthony has provided A/V support of our board minutes, and was always on time and patient; Joni was on top of things, always calling and asking if there was anything we need.  We didn’t just pick up the phone only when we needed help, we really had a great working relationship. I would certainly recommend Interweave to any company, corporation, or person!”
– Angela Duncan