When running a business, server problems can be your worst nightmare. You can lose money from system downtime, lose access to your website, and have your domain shut down.  Without a reliable system you can’t effectively run multiuser applications such as email, messaging, and print servers; shared calendar programs; databases; and enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software. Unfortunately these are just a few of the issues Hudson Company was experiencing.

Hudson Company is a general contractor specializing in restaurant construction. They have been in business for over 49 years and have built over 1,800 new restaurants in 19 states remodeling and converting countless others. As with most companies, their server is the heartbeat of their business and it is important for them to be able to share data and collaborate.  So they turned to Interweave Technologies who was able to equip them with the stability and reliability they needed.

Labron Hill, an estimator for Hudson, was originally contacted by Interweave Technologies to assist with a local project. As their business relationship grew, Mr. Hill told Interweave of their need for an IT company, including the problems of their outdated server.  Interweave Technologies was happy to provide an assessment of their tech­nol­ogy require­ments, exist­ing net­work infra­struc­ture and capa­bil­i­ties. The result was the inte­gration of a new rack-mounted server with streamlined busi­ness processes to increase net­work and sys­tem per­for­mance.

Mr. Hill had this to say about the transition, “John came in and fixed us right up! We have benefited by being able to use our system. It runs more efficiently now and we hope to be able to utilize our website more. And with the faster speeds we will be able to utilize the FTP site for file downloads for our customers. ” Mr. Hill also stated, “(Regarding the process) we are satisfied. I didn’t want it to be rushed. John did quite a bit of research.  He verified what would work and what would not work with our different programs that we run.  Interweave made sure it was done right the first time. There were many hours spent at our location to make sure they got things right, a lot of testing, and a lot of remote access from their home office verifying operation. I think they did a good job.”