Disaster Recovery


When a disaster strikes, are you prepared? Recent storms and events remind us of the need for data backup and system redundancy.  Ensur­ing the con­tin­ued oper­a­tion or rapid recov­ery of your sys­tems is crit­i­cal to the smooth oper­a­tion of a com­pany, and arguably the econ­omy as a whole.

A simple backup used to be enough for peace-of-mind, but not in today’s environment.  Interweave Technologies offers three options to keep your operations running smoothly in case of a man-made or natural disaster.

Mirrored Systems

The optimal solution is to have a “system” that completely mirrors your operations.  This “mirrored” system is synchronized real-time 24/7 so that if an outage occurs, your operations can be switched to the mirrored system, sometimes in a matter of minutes. This Disaster Recovery solution is perfect for businesses with mission-critical data or operations, such as government and medical applications.

Virtual Systems

A Virtual Server is a replica of your production server that runs in another location. The primary difference between a Virtual and a Mirrored System is that with a Virtual Server there is minimal hardware required. The Virtual Server can reside on a system at the Interweave Data Center,  lowering your initial hardware costs.  If your production server fails, the Virtual Server can be restored to a new server.

Off-Site Data Backup

One of the most common solutions for Data Recovery is Off-Site Data Backup.  There are many offerings for this solution, some more proven than others.  With Off-Site Data Backup, there is minimal up-front cost, but more ongoing cost. You simply define your “mission critical” data and schedule – as well as any history requirements. We’ll implement your system to meet your needs.

Prepa­ra­tion for con­tin­u­a­tion or recov­ery of sys­tems needs to be taken very seri­ously. The optimal solution for you is largely dependent on your business, your budget, and your data requirements.  Let us work with you to develop a Disaster Recovery Solution to protect your data and your business.