??????????????????Agility and cost effectiveness is key to properly-managed IT services. One of the current trends to deliver results is Cloud Computing.  Cloud computing can provide cost efficiency, business continuity, and the ability to share resources.  In addition, if it is properly implemented it requires decreased effort or service.

Interweave Technologies understands both the benefits and the risks inherent with Cloud Computing.  Our professionals can guide you in understanding this new model and how it might integrate with – and benefit – your business. We will assist you in implementing the solutions you seek, reaping the benefits while maintaining security, data protection, and process control.

Does your business depend on its email system to deliver communications with customers, coworkers and associates? If so then the consistent and dependable email structure of cloud hosted services is definitely the answer!

Conventional email systems with built in severances that avoid system downtime can be quite costly when factors such as hardware, software and support costs are included. Instead of a customary email solution, consider the all covered cloud hosted exchange. Here is why:

  • Guarantee that your business can communicate and cooperate on a 24/7 basis.

With cloud based services, your business gains access to custom email services plus collaborative tools. In addition to sending and receiving email to persons and groups, your business can observe and distribute contact lists and calendars, manage tasks, and much more.

  • Ensure that access to your email is ALWAYS available.

Today most employees are mobile, not fixed in just one area, so it’s important to have access consistently. Our Hosted Exchange solution is available anytime and anywhere there is internet connectivity. With our wireless cloud based email organization services, it is also available on your portable, internet-enabled smart tablets and cell phones.

  • Email is secure and backed up

Your Cloud Based Hosted Exchange data and services are stored and backed up in a secure environment to ensure that your business always has access to its essential email services.