Wifi and Wireless Access Point


Wifi and Wireless Access Point

Wireless communication is rapidly becoming a critical part of a company’s communications infrastructure.  Yet many companies still struggle with their wireless network. How frustrating it is when a few feet can make a difference in your connectivity! The solution is a wifi wireless access point.

What is Wi-Fi?

WiFi also known as wireless or “Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)” is the technology that enables the transfer of data between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor or cables, enabling computing devices (such as computers and smartphones) to connect easily to the internet or business networks. Most of us have used Wi-Fi for mobile connectivity using our smart phones, tablets, and mobile computer devices in our homes, offices, and public locations using hotspots.

Good to Go!

There are both advantages and disadvantages to Wi-Fi.  The primary advantage is overall convenience and ease of system mobility.  For instance you can easily take your computer to the conference room or answer your email while waiting on your doctor.

For businesses, a wireless network can minimize cabling and maintenance costs, while providing access and scalability through use of wireless access points (APs).  In addition, with the advances in mobile satellite communications, there are times that Wi-Fi may be used where other wireless connections are unavailable, such as in rural areas or remote locations.

The Downside of WiFi

Disadvantages include slower “download and upload” speeds when receiving and sending data.  In addition, unless properly configured, range and performance issues can prove be a disadvantage.  With a Wi-Fi solution, you truly get what you pay for.

A primary consideration is the right security to prevent intrusions to the system. When proper encryption is enabled, Wi-Fi can give you the security of a wired network.  Interweave Technologies can help you ensure that proper encryption, as well as intrusion detection, user authentication, and other critical elements are fully configured for your wireless infrastructure.

The Best of Both worlds

For the foreseeable future, most companies should consider a mix of wired and wireless network infrastructure for their data network communication.  Let us provide you with the right solution to enable your business to enjoy the benefits of wireless mobility without compromising security or performance.

At Interweave Technologies we provide proven solutions that give you outstanding wireless coverage, capacity, and interference rejection. Whether you are looking for a simple point-to-point solution or a large scale implementation, we can provide you with the wireless network infrastructure and performance you require for reliable, stable communication.

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