Network Management

Network Administration includes the tasks that ensure that computer hardware, software and network infrastructure related to an organization’s data network are effectively maintained.

Network services management

As organizations change and new technologies become available, new systems and components are added to the network.  Although this might serve a short term purpose, over time an organization’s network can begin to lose operability and productivity.  Organizations must be proactive about network management.

Network Administration tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Network monitoring
  • Management of System Update
  • Evaluate & implement network management software
  • Checking for security breaches and poor data management practices
  • Install and implement security programs
  • E-mail Management
  • Internet Filters
  • Hardware Recommendation
  • Integration of new software and hardware
  • Maintaining disk images for new computer installs
  • Maintaining the standards for server installations and applications


Partnering with Your IT Resources

The role of Interweave Technologies can vary significantly depending on an organizations size, location and socio-economic considerations. Typically, within a larger organization, network administration roles are the responsibility of an employee, often an IT Manager.  With these companies, Interweave Technologies network engineers work in partnership with the IT Manager to support the network infrastructure.  With small- to mid-sized business, many times the IT management function is fully outsourced to Interweave.


The Right Approach

With our systematic, methodical approach, Interweave Technologies analyzes your technology requirements, existing network infrastructure and capabilities. Our technicians will help to integrate existing equipment and business process with newer technologies, such as wireless networks and cloud computing, to increase network and system performance. Factoring in your future growth plans and industry best practices, we will work to optimize your systems, your data communications, and your overall network to provide maximum functionality and operability.