Network Security

The safety and security of an organization’s information is paramount to its success. That is why it is vital to secure your business network. Security should not be limited to only the physical network of a business. With more users working remotely, correctly configuring the systems to access data from outside the network is key to the success of your business. Interweave Technologies uses a multifaceted approach to network security.

Network security through antivirus protection

Antivirus soft­ware is used to stop the infil­tra­tion of com­puter viruses, worms, tro­jan horses, adware, spy­ware and other forms of mal­ware. It is one piece of the solu­tion for keep­ing your machines run­ning efficiently.

Inter­weave Tech­nolo­gies is expertly famil­iar in the imple­men­ta­tion and man­age­ment of antivirus soft­ware for cus­tomers with a vari­ety of needs and bud­gets.  We also under­stand how antivirus plays into the larger plan of keep­ing your busi­ness safe and run­ning smoothly.


Network security through firewalls

A firewall is a computer network device that blocks certain kinds of network traffic. Quite simply, it provides a barrier between your network and one that it does not trust. Firewalls are a key piece of the puzzle in blocking the spread of computer attacks. Of course, firewalls need to be continually managed to operate effectively.

Interweave Technologies provides firewall management for a variety of clients. Since we are administering several firewalls, we must stay abreast of any changes that need to be made.

Network security through network surveillance

Network Surveillance is the process of monitoring all data and components of a computer network. Network surveillance tracks all incoming and outgoing data to minimize threats and maximize productivity. It oversees local hardware and software to make sure that all processes are running as efficiently as possible and that all failures are fixed expediently.

Interweave Technologies uses the latest in network surveillance technology to oversee our the networks of our clients. The software allows us to remotely administer your systems software and provides helpful information whenever we do need to come on-site to repair or replace failing hardware.

Network security through web filtering

Web filtering is a type of content-control software designed and optimized for controlling what content users are able to access over the Web. It has several wonderful qualities:- Protect the network from Spyware and Malware – Block time-wasting sites – Conserve bandwidth to make your network run faster – Enforce Network Usage Policies – Monitor Internet Behavior

While there are software programs that allow for web filtering, Interweave Technologies uses a hybrid software and hardware solution that allows for much more control and reporting, and is much more secure and reliable. Our IT Web Filter Appliance proactively monitors your network and provides you with a complete web filtering solution. This solution enables you to monitor and control access to and from your network, and can be customized for your company requirements.