Graphic Design and Branding

Graphic Design

Your logo and  your image  impacts your corporate identity, communications, branding, and other facets of your business. Do you need to create (or update) an image for your business? Are you looking to enhance your written or electronic communication – internally or to your prospects, customers, or partners?

If you are looking to create or integrate a “brand” onto your business or your business communications, we can provide professional marketing design for your business. From logos to electronic communication, let us help you keep your business image consistent and professional.

Corporate Identity

Your Corporate Identity primarily consists of your design and your communications. A key element is your “brand” – your name, symbol, and logo, as well as how they are displayed to the public. This includes the fonts, colors, spacing, graphics, and photographs. Even the paper choice of your brochures and the background on your website is a part of your identity.

Your Corporate Identity creates the first impression with your customers (and potential customers). The tone is set even before they read the first word of content. And, you would probably agree that this initial impression can be even more important than the content.

If you are ready to reinvent or improve your current identity, we are here to help. From corporate logos to website design, we will deliver a Corporate Identity that reflects consistency, professionalism, and style.


Marketing Communications

One type of communication most integral to your business success is your marketing message. Whether it’s designed to persuade the reader to visit a website, call a number, submit a survey, or buy a product, every marketing message that you send needs to be carefully crafted.

Quite simply, the intent of any marketing communication is to provoke action on your products, ideas or services. At Interweave Technologies, we can provide you with the messaging – and the technology to deliver it!. Our consultants have developed marketing strategies and messages for a wide range of clients in multiple industries. Let us lend our expertise to your business.