SEO – Search Engine Optimization

For any size busi­ness, the inter­net and mod­ern com­mu­ni­ca­tion tech­nol­ogy has pre­sented a new range of options for con­nect­ing to cus­tomers, and this has started to shift atten­tion away from tra­di­tional adver­tis­ing to ways of attract­ing poten­tial cus­tomers to their web­sites. To peo­ple and com­pa­nies set­ting up and using web­sites for the first time, it may seem intu­itive that build­ing a good web­site is all it takes to be effec­tive on the web, and that your web com­mu­nity and cus­tomer base will grow naturally.

When hir­ing SEO ser­vices you need to pay spe­cial atten­tion to the meth­ods that are put into play. White hat SEO prac­tices are obvi­ously ‘good’ prac­tices, while black hat meth­ods are not. What this means to the com­pany that wants to increase their web­sites num­bers are the dif­fer­ence between night and day. The terms good and bad are some­what ambigu­ous in some cases, but not in this one. White hat prac­tices go out of their way to develop strate­gies that will draw actual poten­tial cus­tomers, peo­ple who are gen­er­ally inter­ested in your company’s prod­ucts or ser­vices, while black hat prac­tices are sim­ply fun­nel­ing as many unin­ter­ested web surfers to your site as they can.

S.E.M. – Search Engine Marketing

If you ever need immediate information, like a lot of us, we rely on the internet to assist and inform us of the answer or solution to our conundrum. During your efforts you may use Yahoo, Google or Bing as your guide and if so then you have already been introduced to the world of SEM.

Search Engine Marketing, most commonly referred to as SEM, is a method of internet marketing that includes the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising. Research shows that as of 2006, SEM was rising much faster than conventional advertising and even other frequencies of online marketing.

Because of the multifaceted technology, a secondary ‘search marketing agency’ market has progressed. Some vendors have difficulty understanding the complexities of search engine marketing and choose to rely on other companies to manage their search marketing and Interweave Technologies can be that solution for you! With our team of advanced SEM professionals we can increase the amount of traffic to your website, which results in increased business and sales for your company.

In order to provide the very BEST service to your company our team will custom equip the necessary steps to expand the growth and sales of your company by ensuring the site can be identified in search engines and discovering key terminology for the site and its products. Let Interweave Technologies be YOUR solution to magnify your business!

Social Networking

social smallTechnology provides tools to better communicate with these networks – in fact, online tools and services are increasing in popularity (and usability) every day.  Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Flickr and hundreds of other sites all have tools and services that allow you to connect and interact with your different social networks. These services are waiting and ready for your use as a communications (and growth!) tool for your organization. Today, some of these sites refer more traffic to small business websites than search engines.

Interweave Technologies can assist you with the daunting task of understanding and properly utilizing online social networks for your organization. We will help you develop a strategy, tactics and content for your personal or business accounts. We will help you realize the true benefits of the web for your business.