It’s 2012 and time to find new ways to meet clients where they are.  In many cases that is on their respective smartphone, be it the ever popular iPhone, Android (my preference), or other mobile “interneting” device.

Companies can choose to establish a “Web Presence” by providing a Mobile App or a Mobile Website.  What is best for your company is dependent on your objectives for your audience.  Although the popularity of the mobile app is enticing for any business owner who wishes to use new ways of communicating, most of the time a better choice is to start with a mobile optimized version of your website.  Here is a quick comparison to help you decide:

Mobile Apps (applications) are software applications that are downloaded to the phone.  Mobile App Facts:

·         These apps can typically be run whether or not you are connected to the internet. 

·         Since Apps are software, they aren’t “crawled” by search engines. 

·         Most apps are downloaded once and discarded soon after. 

·         An app created for an iPhone, even if it becomes viral will only reach a very small percentage of the mobile market.

A Game is an example of a Mobile App.  A good business example, might be an Accessory Guide App provided by a clothing retailer.

Mobile Websites are html-based websites that can be accessed from the web browser on your phones.  Mobile Website Facts:

·         Formatted for the smaller screens on handheld devices

·         Can be more affordable

·         Can provide information on how a viewer uses your website. 

This data can be used to modify your main website, but that’s an article for another day.

How can you best service your mobile client?  It really depends on your industry. For example, a service company might benefit from easy-access service request form.  However, a retail oriented business might benefit from easy-access listings of new and/or for sale items.

Regardless of your strategy or direction, contact Interweave Technologies and we can help you design your look, create your message, and/or build your site.