The biggest complaints we hear is that wireless signals do not reach where they should OR wireless signals are flaky. And with the continued increase in data usage – mobile phones, laptops, videos – traffic growth will continue to strain the network. As performance becomes an issue, companies look to upgrade their infrastructure and their capabilities.

There are many variables to consider when planning or upgrading your network, topics that include Security, Bandwidth, and Redundancy. With Wireless solutions, bigger does not always mean better. Instead, there are “Smarter” things that you can do to make your Wi-Fi better.

At Interweave we feature Ruckus Wireless, providing customers with a patented Smart Wi-Fi technology that can solve frustrating performance issues. These solutions include:

•   A Smart antenna system that find the ideal route for a Wi-Fi signal to each client at any time
•   Advanced traffic engineering and Quality of Service (QOS)
•   Advanced security mechanisms
•   Construction of adaptive, resilient, and reliable high speed mesh networks, and
•   A higher standard for Wi-Fi delivery.

Interweave will provide you with
a review of your current
Wi-Fi environment and a plan
to optimize your performance.