junge angestellte am telefonIT Outsourcing vs. Insourcing Support

Many customers have asked me whether they should hire (internal) IT personnel versus outsourcing. When is a company too small or too large to outsource their support? Why not just hire internal personnel?

First, let’s look at just a few of the benefits of IT Outsourcing:

  • Reduced Overhead. With outsourcing, you only pay for an IT professional when you need it and can keep personnel costs down. The cost of hiring an IT professional includes not only salary and benefits, but also continued training – which is both expensive and time consuming.
  • Scalability. With outsourced IT support, you have access to a team of IT professionals with expertise on a wide variety of IT issues – from networking to software, security to communications.
  • Business Efficiency. You can focus on building your business while your IT professionals focus on your IT.
  • Proactive Service means Reduced Cost. By maintaining the health of your IT environment, your overall costs are greatly reduced.

Many companies that outsource their IT functions prefer to use Managed Services Agreements. Simply put, a Managed Services Agreement provides a defined level of service at a specified cost. Any service that falls outside of the defined level is typically provided at a reduced hourly cost. Managed Services Agreements provide many benefits, including:

  • Cost Predictability. Companies can budget their IT expense by fixed monthly fees that cover monitoring, predictive maintenance, unlimited remote support, and on-site support as specified in the services agreement.
  • Reduced Costs. As issues are detected and fixed – many times through proactive remote monitoring – unnecessary outages are avoided. This eliminates costly service calls, as well as reduced hardware failure and data loss.
  • Increased Productivity. When you and your staff have a stable and secure technical environment, overall efficiency and productive are greatly increased.
  • Alignment of IT with Business Goals – Through quarterly review, we can make recommendations for the planning and use of technology to maximize your IT investment to benefit your business.

Many large companies prefer Managed Services, however many small and medium business are also moving that direction. This is largely due to the increasing complexity of technology, as well as increased dependency on technology for business.

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So whether or not you use Managed Services why should you outsource IT? Just as you would look to a professional to fix your teeth, manufacture products, or provide healthcare,  why wouldn’t you trust your IT to an expert? If IT infrastructure is not your core competency, Interweave Technologies is here to help.[/notification]

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