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Interweave Technologies is your end-to-end solution for ALL things computer and technical. From Computers and Hardware to Software and Applications, from Phone Systems and Services to Cellular Boosters, from Video Surveillance to Access Control, we even handle Audio-Visual. If your need involves technology, we provide you with the equipment, installation, service and support.

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Computers and Hardware

Interweave is your source for computer and hardware procurement. Our approach is to evaluate your goals and objectives and help determine the best and most cost-effective means to achieve them. We provide everything from PCs and Laptops to Servers, from Firewalls to Switches to Wireless Access Points, from Routers to Wireless Access Points, and all the possible accessories, cables, add-ons, and upgrades. In addition, we provide service and support. We are trained to diagnose, repair, upgrade, and maintain most computers and associated hardware. Our technicians are available for on-site and off-site supports for most brands, models, and systems.

Software and Applications

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to selecting and delivering high-quality, scalable, and user-friendly software that empowers your business to thrive in the digital age. We offer and support a variety of software and applications to best meet the specific needs of your business. Explore the possibilities with Interweave Technologies and the transformative power of our offerings.

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Phone Systems

With the advances in telecommunications, phone systems have moved from a commodity to a strategic business tool that can provide you with a competitive differentiator to give you an edge. Interweaves sales and support, works with you to design the system and features that you need to improve efficiency and productivity. With equipment purchase and rental plans, you can not only upgrade your system with updated equipment but at times save money on your monthly service bill. Let us partner with you to provide an enterprise-class solution that will add value to your organization.

Access Control

Access control is a compliance requirement that not only protects against theft and liability but also disruption and operational security. Access control can also be integrated with other security and operational systems to give you a comprehensive, cohesive, and compliant management tool.  Interweave Technologies can sell, service, install, and maintain your access control system as a one-stop shop for all things technical.

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Video Surveillance

We offer IP & Analog Cameras, Covert Cameras, and On-site Support. We have a full range of security and video surveillance installation options as well as integrated security for new and existing commercial structures and facilities. Let our team of trained technicians help you take steps to secure your business.

Wireless Configuration

Wireless communication is rapidly becoming a critical part of a company’s communications infrastructure. A common challenge among companies is their struggles with their wireless network. Interweave works with your organization to develop a wireless communication plan to allow for the proper placement of Access Points for the best coverage, along with the proper configurations and access control for compliance. 

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Audio Visual

Let our Audio-visual experts design, build, install, and service your electronic media needs from corporate conference rooms to entryways, from digital signage to large-capacity auditoriums and everything in between. Systems can include simple to complex audio, video, conferencing, and lighting systems that can be controlled with touchscreens. We even can provide multicamera videoconferencing systems. Since each customer’s needs are different, let us help create a personalized, custom solution that provides you with the best quality and value to meet your budget.

For over 20 years, Interweave has worked with organizations to “weave” technologies into a solid and compliant infrastructure.

Let us help you meet your compliance and technological requirements.

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