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Are you facing
Compliance Requirements?

 NIST 800-171

We are a Compliance-Driven IT & Cybersecurity Solutions Provider!


Since 2005 we’ve helped 100’s of companies with finding solutions to their technological needs.

Let us become your IT, Cybersecurity & Technology Solutions Provider too!

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“Interweave has a stellar reputation for their team’s knowledge and reliable customer service.” – Heather B.

All businesses have a compliance requirement, even if it is only to meet Insurance Requirements to obtain/maintain Cyber Liability Insurance

  • The process of compliance
    If you are unsure where to start the process of compliance, rest assured that Interweave takes a "white glove" approach and will walk you through the entire process from start or wherever you are currently, through the audit and beyond to maintain compliance.
  • Gap Assessment Decisions
    Not sure if a gap assessment is necessary, our process includes the initial step of understanding exactly where you are starting from or are currently at in your journey to compliance. Our program doesn't charge an additional fee for this service, it is included in our pricing model. Our philosophy is that the assessment process is ongoing and includes the "auditor" throughout obtaining and even maintaining compliance.
  • Choosing an Assessor
    There are many choices when looking at obtaining an assessment. Our process includes utilizing the entire team, to include the Certified CMMC Assessor, vCISO and others from the beginning of the process and working an assessment less as a check box exercise and more of a project. We work at the start of the assessment with the end in mind, the audit.
  • Action after the Assessment
    Our process doesn't leave you with a POAM and wish you well. We are there every step of the way to work through the POAM to get you to compliance and audit ready.
  • Allocation or Procuring the team, resources or skills
    We being the entire team to your aide, we include the CMMC Certified Assessor, vCISO, Compliance OFficer, Project Manager, Evidence Collector, Admin Support and Trainer in addition to providing all the 24/7/365 NOC and SOC services and customized IT services to support, enhance & Optimize your organization.
  • Working through the POAM
    Working through the POAM can be one of the most challenging phases of obtaining compliance. The amount of work involved, the decisions that need to be made and the documentation required can seem insurmountable. We work with you through the entire process providing support, consultation, tools and services to meet your objectives.
  • Selecting Tools and Services
    The sheer number of options, tools, and services available are overwhelming, combined with the fact that every product or service will claim to be the must-have for compliance. We can help you through the process by making recommendations or selecting the best tool/service for your situation. All subscriptions are included in our model and we will always use the best of the best to obtain and then maintain compliance.
  • Audit ready
    Already gone through the process of compliance but want to "double-check" your readiness? Our "Pre-Audit Assessment" is a modified gap assessment focusing on verification of meeting each control and being able to provide the required documentation from the perspective of the Assessor (Auditor) not just doing another check box exercise.

A revolutionary approach to obtaining and maintaining compliance with regulatory frameworks and insurance requirements.


Secure IT is the combination of Managed IT and Cybersecurity tools and services that allows for customization to best align with the organization's internal structure.


Interweave is your end-to-end solution for all things computer and technical providing the equipment, installation, service and support.

Interweave meets the varying needs of mission-critical systems, our team of industry experts brings experience in all types of cable services for corporate, small business, education, and government customers.

For over 20 years, Interweave has worked with organizations to “weave” technologies into a solid and compliant infrastructure.

Let us help you meet your compliance and technological requirements.

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