About Interweave Technologies

Interweave Technologies is an IT company that provides products, IT services, solutions and IT support to businesses and organizations.
Interweave Technologies an IT company that provides products, services, solutions and IT support to businesses and organizations

Interweave Technologies 1130 Putman Dr Huntsville, AL 35816

Because of our experience with various industries and technologies, we are able to understand how technology effects your business and apply the right solutions to benefit your business operations. By working with Interweave, clients are able to reduce costs, improve service and increase the bottom line. What sets Interweave apart from other IT companies is that we work with you to “weave” your individual technologies – such as computers, surveillance, a/v, cabling – to build a solid infrastructure. By leveraging these technologies as a single solution, we help you optimize performance while maximizing your investment. Our professionals deliver all levels of IT support, cabling and wiring maintenance to clients across the country.

Business Continuity

At Interweave Technologies we use proven methodology to address critical areas. Our services help you to identify and address potential vulnerabilities for your business. From Disaster Recovery Systems, virus protection, basic data backup, and more we can help you develop and implement the appropriate plan for your business.

We provide experienced network engineers and cabling technicians for the optimal design of your network and infrastructure, including disaster recovery and backup. In addition, Interweave provides managed IT services for many of our clients. By serving as their “IT department” and managing their technology issues, we enable them to focus on their business.

In addition to creating and maintaining our customer’s IT Infrastructure, we monitor and protect these systems through a variety of services. From anti-virus and firewall protection to system auditing and surveillance, we ensure that your data is secure.

Due to requests from our customers, we recently added services to help you enhance your business. Our communications and design team provides expert advice and services in the fields of website and web software solutions, communications and marketing, social media, graphic design, logo design, and website design.

Company History

Interweave Technologies began as Varsity Computing in Huntsville, Alabama in 1989 as a local technical support company. Varsity worked with thousands of customers – from large corporations to small businesses and government agencies including military organizations.

In 2005, Varsity Computing was acquired by Ravi Kolli and has since grown to include offices in several states, including Tennessee, Florida, and Arkansas, and operates across the United States.

Interweave has grown in scope since their name change – adding a Cabling Infrastructure division in 2006 and a Web and Software Development division in 2010.

Corporate office

Interweave Technologies1130 Putman Dr
Huntsville, AL 35816



Decatur office

3325 Central Parkway SW
Decatur, Alabama 35603
Fax: 256-353-0759